Upcoming Events

Sports Career Development Workshop

May 31 | 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. | Atlanta

Please join us on May 31 at the Omni Hotel in Atlanta for a two-hour session that will help you jump start your career in sports media. We’ll discuss everything from the types of jobs that are available, finding the right fit for your skill set, and how to make a great impression during interviews and internships.

Discussion Leaders:
Terrance Beavers, Atlanta Braves, Technical Director and Editor
Mark Grant, CBS Sports, Director
Keith Robinson, WBD Sports, Producer
Bryan Rule, Game Creek Video, Engineering Director
Ben Shaw, WBD Sports, Senior People & Culture Partner
Yolanda Starks White, YoSy Media, CEO
Sybil Wilkes, YoSy Media, Co-Founder

1:00 p.m. Part One: Understanding Your Career Options
Do you want to work for a media company, league, team? We will discuss how working for each can be different, which one might be the best fit for you, and some of the interesting jobs that are available. Production professionals from the Atlanta Braves, WBD Sports, CBS Sports, and Game Creek Video will discuss the wide range of career opportunities, from directing to being a camera person or technician, and much more.

1:45 p.m. Part Two: How to Land Your First Job
How can you make a great impression on a job interview? How can you best sell your accomplishments and skills? What makes for a good show reel or resume? Human Resource executives and others will help you learn some tips and tricks to maximize your potential.

2:30 p.m. Networking Time
We’ll close out the day by giving you a chance to meet with our experts on a one-to-one and in small group conversations.